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Информация о ежегодных днях Памяти 11 сентября. Дня Катастрофы евреев Столина
Реставрация Белой каменной синагоги в г. Столине 18 век
Книга Памяти, написанная столинскими евреями о любимом ими городе
Различные публикации в прессе о деятельности еврейской общины
Музей  города Столина. Различные архивные материалы
Информация о сети сервиса города Столина.
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  The Jewish Community of Stolin with Michael Chernyavsky at the head is glad to meet you on our Web-site.
 We hope you will find here a lot of useful and interesting information.

  However modern, happy, rich and talented we were, there is a moment when we need something else. We need to fond the meaning of life. We find it in synagogues and in our own hearts, in the works of different philosophers, psychologists and spiritual teachers. There is one more way.
  Turn to your roots, to your historical and cultural heritage.

  Jewish Stolin, David Horodok, Rubel, Horodnaya, Rechitsa, Berezhnoe, where there are many memorials, will tell you a lot.

The places of tragic death of Jews, who lived there before Holocaust:

In Stolin - Stasino (12500 men killed),

In David Horodok - Hinovsk (2700 men killed),

In Rubel - Borok (53 men killed),

In Horodnaya (660 men killed).

If you are interested in the information about you relatives, who lived in Stolin, Stolin District (David Horodok, Rubel, Horodnaya, Rechitsa, Berezhnoe, Terebezhov, Belohusha, Glinka, Radchick, Plotnica, Vidibor, Chorsk, etc.), if you wish to visit some places here, to walk along the streets, to see the house in which they lived, write to us and we'll be glad to answer you and to help you.

Since 1999 the Jewish Community was founded in Stolin. It is called "MOST".
Since 2000 the Community of Progressive Judaic "Jahad" was founded in Stolin.

Our Communities lead different activities.

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